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Thank you for your interest in our item.

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SpellPages presents

Book of Shadows starter fonts wicca magick BOS spells +

1,000s pgs of Spells & Rituals, 40+ Fonts + Dividers

Never be at a loss for a Spell or Ritual again!

HUGE collection of magick spells and rituals for your Book of Shadows. THOUSANDS of pages of information! PLUS some help to organize them, and some fonts to help you spiff up your own Book of Shadows pages!  

1. Over 1600+ Spell Collection!

 Lots of spells to choose from! The following are a small selection:

  • Glamour Spells:A Charm for Eternal Youth, For Beauty and Youth, To Change your Eye Colour, To appear more attractive to others .. and more!
  • Employment Spells: Success Sachet, Incence for Job Search, Get a Job spell, Talisman for Employment Spell and many more!
  • Prosperity Spells: Magic Money Bag, Scullcap Money Spell, To Obtain Money, Lucky Hand Root Money Spell, Money Come soon spell... and more!
  • Protection Spells: Chants, Protecting the Home, Tarot Protecton Spell, etc.
  • Love and Lust Spells; (be mindful of the Rede when considering casting these!): Love Cord Spell, Tarot Love Spell, Spell for Bringing Love into your Life, Spell to attract the attention of the one you desire, Love tea Spell, and many more!
  • Banishing & Binding Spells:Bind Bullies, Black Cord Binding, A spell to bind evil, Banishing a Troublesome Person ... and the list goes on!
  • Psychic & Spirits: Psychic Protection Spell, Symptoms of Psychic Attack, Protecton Against Psychic Attack, Seeing Auras, Improve Psychic Powers, 
  • Powders, Potions, Salves, Ointments, Oils & Incense Recipes: Employment Potion, Banioshing Oil, Holy Water, Good Luck/ Job Oil,  Protection Incence and Oil, Four Theves Vinegar, 
  • Spells to improve or break other spells: To Break the Powers of a spell, To Remove a Hex, Cutting the Cord Spell, To Undo a Spell,  To Undo a Love Spell, Breaking a Binding Spell, Reversing a Candle Spell, 
  • PLUS - Healing Spells, Blessing and Cleansing Spells and Rituals, Initiations and Dedications, Bath Time Mafic Spells, Luck and Wishing Spells, and more!
  • FIND OUT HOW TO: Make a Cornhusk Doll,  Make a Dream Catcher 
  • Also: Poppet Spells,Candle Spells,Self Hypnosis,Chakras,Meditations,Moon Magick,Object Enchantments,Charms,Peace & Sleep Spells,Out of Body Experiences,Astral Travel,Learn Lucid Dreaming,Pregnancy & Fertility Spells, Court Spells, He xes & Curses,Gem & Stone magic & spells, Breaking Bad Habits, and So MUCH MORE!

This set was collected by a witch of 17 years. It is a PDF file, with 1170 pages of information! That is  (2.88 mb). Please note, that there are over 1600 spells, but some may be duplicated so we are estimating low. This is a perfect additon to anyone's spell collection!

Please also note, these spells are sent in an UN-EDITABLE PDF file. You cannot just copy and paste these spells into another word processor. Since most witches like to tweak and customize their spells, this has not proven to be an issue.


I know that most of us like to organize our own spells, so I am including this great kit I made myself, to help you organize your tried and true spells! First, a set of divider Pages for your BOS. And second a set of fonts so you can copy your favourite spells and make them your own in your Book of Shadows!

2. 20 Title Pages to help you Organize your Book of Shadows!

20 Title Pages to help you organize your own Book of Shadows using the design illustrated here ~ titles include:

Book of Shadows : A cover page which you could hole punch or slide inside a binder with a plastic cover.

Codes & Ethics: In my opinion, every BOS should have at least a small section covering the Witches Codes and Ethics of Witchcraft.

Wheel of the Year: A place for all your Sabbat and Esbat information.

Rituals & Spells: Collect all your Rituals and Spells here.

Goddess Pantheons, God Pantheons: a Place for information on all the Goddesses and Gods you study.

Witch Crafts: A perfect place for all your How-to-make information

Herbarie: As you find tidbits of info on herbs - put it in this section!

Lists & Charts: There are always lists and charts in progress, find them quickly here!

Candle Magic, Divination: Two sections to hold items specific to these types of magic.

Reference Books: A place to put your Bibliography of books, a list of books you want to read, and/or Websites you like to visit.

My Musings: A title page for your diary pages.

My Inspirations: Poems, pictures and other items that inspire you should go here.

Formulary - Oils, Formulary - Incense, Formulary - Brews, Formularies - Ritual Baths, Formulary - Powders, Formulary - Other:  A selection to start you off!   

  •  Page size when printed: 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Can be printed on ANY paper you use in your BOS. Use as a poster, parchment or BOS page! Don't be limited by paper others are selling! 
  • Sent to you for YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY as a PDF file that anyone can open (PC or MAC users) by downloading the FREE PDF reader at A dobe.   


3. 40+ True Type Fonts (for PC)
Some examples include: 

Astrological Symbols, Aliens, Pagan Symbols, Moon Phases, Runic Symbols, Runetide, Sanskrit, Illuminated Caps, Greek Letters, Arabic, Cherokee Symbols, hieroglyphs, angels, Thebean (Witch's Alphabet), and many more.

:A wealth of information! If you can think of a topic, it is more than likely included!

Special Thanks to Jenn of a Magickal Garden for her generous assistance with this collection and some of its items!

Zipped File Size: 6.21 MB
Programs required: Adobe Reader (most recent edition)

WinZip or some other file unzipping program. Mac users will have to contact me for unzipped files.

This item is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and is in no way provided to you for resell purposes.

We make every attempt at describing our items to the best of our ability. If you have any questions that our description does not cover, it is your responsibility to ask PRIOR to buying. We answer all questions in a timely manner, but please allow for weekends away with the family and/or illness if you do not hear from us within 24 hours.

Email questions to info@spellpages.com. Do NOT reply to this email.

All items are sold AS IS. Please note that purchasing this item denotes that you have read all terms and conditions regarding this auction and have asked any questions you may have.


Payment of digital items is by PayPal only.

$5.99 US



Digital items are sent to the email account marked as PRIMARY on your PAYPAL account once payment CLEARS.

This usually occurs immediately after payment clears as our delivery program is automated. Please check this email before contacting us about a wayward delivery email. Please note that any browser specific email accounts (ie. Hotmail, AOL, and many others) sometimes have set spam filters for you. Please check the trash folder also in case our delivery emails have been sent there.

If, after checking all the above locations, you still could not locate your delivery email, then please contact us with your name, email address, your PayPal Transaction number AND an alternative email address to which to send your download instructions. As mentioned above, we generally reply within 24 hours, but please allow for weekend time with the family and/or illness before leaving negative feedback. WE ALWAYS ANSWER EMAIL.

Email questions to info@spellpages.com. Do NOT reply to this email.

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We have permission from the copyright owner of the spell collection to sell her item any way we see fit and the ability to deliver it digitally has also been granted. All other items listed in this collection are either made by us or we have Master Resell rights to. If you have questions, email us.

Thank you.

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